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✪ Second Generation amp modeler & effects processor with stage-friendly features 

✪ Ampero II's iconic tri-core DSP platform and ESS® Sabre® AD/DAs providing musical, lively Ampero sound 

✪ Evolved CDCM HD & F.I.R.E. modeling system ensures high end tonal expressiveness and realistic playing experience 

✪ 24-bit signal processing, up to 127dB dynamic range*  

✪ A larger, sharper 5-inch dynamic touchscreen and newly designed system UI for smoother, more intuitive, and more convenient interaction 

✪ Highly customizable DUAL effect chain with multiple serial/parallel signal routing support 

✪ Add ANY effect module you like to the effect chain 

✪ Stereo I/O jacks and stereo FX Loop jacks for further routing/tonal possibilities 

✪ Input R with built-in mic preamp and phantom power for adapting both dynamic/condenser microphones 

✪ Up to 12 simultaneous effect modules 

✪ Upgraded effects library delivers 460+ effects, including Hotone's next-gen higher-quality algorithms 

✪ CDCM HD & F.I.R.E. modeling effects including:

    - 90+ amp models  

    - 68 cab models 

    - A more precise cabinet-mic algorithm based on realistic studio recording data 

    - Independent preamp models 

    - Independent power amp simulation 

    - 100+ legendary pedal models 

✪ 60+ Hotone original effects (incl. high quality drive/dynamic/filter/mod/delay/reverb models and more) 

✪ Dedicated IR loader module with 3rd party IR support, up to 50 custom IR slots 

✪ 20 classic Celestion® speaker IRs included - Powered by Celestion® Digital 

✪ Supports up to 2048 IR sampling points for better tonal resolution 

✪ Bluetooth® 4.2 dual-mode module for audio playback and remote control via iOS/Android app; supports Bluetooth® MIDI 

✪ Free Win/Mac/Android/iOS software for firmware upgrading, loading/editing/managing effects/IRs, etc. 

✪ 8-in, 8-out USB audio interface with 44.1 to 192kHz sample rate switching, supports Reamp function 

✪ Built-in acoustic effects and presets 

✪ 300 presets (60 banks x 5 patches) 

✪ Built-in stereo looper with max. 60 seconds recording time and undo/redo function 

✪ 5 different input modes with electric guitar/acoustic guitar/mic/line input support 

✪ Independent BAL/UNBAL/Phones output processing for independent output volume control or different signal outputs 

✪ 8 assignable footswitches with multicolor halo LEDs, with two working modes and customization support 

✪ Scene function providing 5 scenes in a patch – switch effect on/off and different parameters with no latency 

✪ Built-in multi-function color LED strip lights 

✪ Customizable main display modes and theme colors 

✪ Authentic stereo processing 

✪ MIDI I/O jacks and dual EXP/CTRL jacks for expanded controls 

✪ Constant firmware updates based on user feedback 

✪ Future new features available (e.g. Wi-Fi) 

✪ Road-ready, light-weight aluminum casing 

✪ 9-18V DC power supply 

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