Ampero Gig Bag Junior

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Ampero Gig Bag Junior is the lightweight version of Ampero Gig Bag, designed with the Ampero family of multi-effects processors in mind, but also with a focus on versatility.


✪ More inclusive gig bag designed for the Ampero family

✪ Convenient, easy-to-carry bag with stellar protection

✪ Double layers of space

✪ Internal high elasticity pearl cotton, bring you a full range of protection experience

✪ The outer 600D waterproof fabric brings you a second layer of protection

✪ The plastic buckle with a load-bearing capacity of 40kg is lightweight, solid and practical

✪ 18,000 times of testing zipper, effectively prolong the service life of products

✪ Handles and straps offer two different carrying schemes

✪ 1 accessory pocket can be used to place the pick and other small items

✪ More stylish design elements

✪ Formaldehyde volatile material in line with Europe, Japan and other highest standards, safe to use



Dimensions: 405 mm(W) × 180 mm(D) × 110 mm(H) Weight: 507g


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